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Member Testimonials:

Carolyn Schafer

Carolyn Schafer

Teacher, USA

"I appreciate that N'TICE is working to connect teachers all over the world for unique and affordable travel opportunities that will enrich lives of both educators and students through broadened horizons and creating an Education Foundation to support kids and schools in struggling countries."

Eric Flemming

Eric Flemming

Art Teacher, USA

"N'TICE allows me to maximize the opportunities that my teaching schedule and interests offer. I can travel the world, connect with other teachers, and rest assured that my hosts and my guests are trusted colleagues."

Kristina Labadie

Kristina Labadie

Elementary Teacher, USA

"Every time I travel somewhere, my experiences bring something back to the classroom. With NTICE, I'm able to create a wider travel experience while also connecting with teachers all over the world through their community. My students benefit just as much as I do!"

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our community

Do I have to be in education to become an N’TICE member?

Yes. N'TICE is a lodging facilitator designed exclusively for educators. Verification will be required at registration.

How will being a member of N'TICE make travel more affordable for me?

At registration, each member lists a place to stay allowing for free, unlimited worldwide lodging to community members.

How will joining N'TICE extend my network?

Through property sharing, N'TICE provides its members the unique opportunity to meet and associate with like professionals worldwide. N'TICE brings educators together, allowing them the unique opportunity to meet and associate with like professionals worldwide (online and offline)

How will my membership with N'TICE benefit education?

As membership increases worldwide, N’TICE will leverage resources to support the N’TICE Education Foundation.

Will I have control over who stays at my place?

Yes! Each person will have access to individual profiles and host reviews of N'TICE members. You will be notified when a “Request to Stay” has been made and will be required to either accept or reject the booking.

What happens if there are accidental damages to my property?

As a member of N'TICE each guest agrees to compensate the host for said damages.

How often can I book a stay?

As often as you desire! There are no restrictions to the number of stays that you can book.

What's the catch?

There is no catch! List your place and enjoy our online community, offline/online events, networking, unlimited worldwide lodging in a safe and affordable community of educators like yourself.

Does N'TICE have a subscription fee?

Currently there is no fee. However we anticipate a maintenance fee in the future.

Is listing a property or place to stay required to be a member?

Yes. In order to eliminate the cost of lodging, each member is required to list at least one bedroom or place for a colleague to sleep.

Can I list only part of my property?

Yes. You have the option of listing the entire property or just a portion, such as one bedroom with a shared bathroom conducive to receiving guests.

What if I cannot list my place of residence?

No worries. The only requirement is that you list "A PLACE" that is conducive to receiving guests, whether it belongs to a relative or a close friend. You will be responsible for facilitating the stays of fellow members at that property. N’TICE understands that not every educator can list a place. If you are unable to list a place we ask that you find 2-3 educator friends or associates who wish to join our community and can list a place to stay. This way our ability to support educators with accommodations grows.

Does it matter if I am home when a guest comes to stay?

That's totally up to you. If you are not comfortable with teachers staying at your place in your absence, then you will only approve requests when you know you will be in town. Otherwise, you will also make your property available to others while you are out traveling the world.

How do I see where I can stay?

Search the N'TICE website for available properties in your chosen destination.

Can I bring friends with me?

That number depends on the bedding capacity listed by the host.

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